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The Mystic and the Wizard Ep 68: Setting Fire!!

The Mystic and the Wizard Ep 65: Flagrant Verbal Honesty

Becka's House Ep 1: Weasel

Welcome to Becka's House!  Our first week's episode is a deep dive into a brand, new deck and WEASEL guides the entire episode.

Becka talks about discernment, her recent challenges surrounding “choosing your truth” and the practice of being The Observer before sharing information.


The Mystic and the Wizard Ep 64: D'Jedi Metacognition!

The Mystic and the Wizard Ep 63: The Art of Feeling Good!

The Mystic and the Wizard Ep 62: Big Year End Special!

We welcome Bob from the Bobcast and Becka to the show to announce the new PRONOIANOW NETWORK!  We're growing the vision of Pronoia to the next level!  PronoiaNOW will grow into a multi-media content portal full of awesome content, united in the vision that the Universe is Conspiring FOR Us!  Check out

99 Reasons 2016 was AWESOME

The Most Futuristic Predictions that came TRUE in 2016

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