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We here at Pronoia Now exist to Broadcast all the GOOD that’s happening in our world through all our shows... The Jedi Dudeness of the Bobcast,  Secrets to Happy Healthy Living by Sheila Janan, founder of HealthTipGirl.com and the pronoia news, current events and commentary of These Evolving Times.

There are 7 billion of us on this planet.  

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These evolving times

The #1 Pronoia news and commentary show on the planet!  Convention media’s motto is “If it Bleeds, it Leads” and we wonder why people think the world is bad!  Join us each week as Steve and Jason share the huge amount of positive news that is occuring in our world!  Green energy developments, positive social movements, and cutting edge science and technology all together show us that the Universe Conspires FOR Us!  Counter those fearmongers with proof that we are in the best time yet to be alive!


Hear secrets that unlock the power of your innate wisdom to heal your body, prevent disease and achieve ideal health. Get the top tools for creating the radiant life you desire. We’re faced with challenges every day. From food being sold that’s actually harmful to your body, jobs riddled with stress, to relationship and family issues that seem never-ending. This podcast will fill you with inspiration. You’ll feel empowered in taking inspired action and will learn Sheila’s best kept secrets for living happy and healthy.


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The BobCast is about Jedi Dudeism. This means takin' it easy every day while also being spiritual.   Bob talks about the philosophies of Dudeism, the slowest growing religion in the world, and how it blends with the mystical philosophies of the Jedi. There are some laughs, too, which fit right in there. Tune in to find out what the heck he's talkin' about.


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